Stories from Buzzi Hospital with a happy ending and direct testimonials from the Buzzi Foun-dation’s projects.

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Why we need a large children’s hospital

A testimony that highlights the need to have a complete children's hospital, with beds available for all children who need...
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A first-person look at the heart of the Buzzi Hospital

What does the Children's Hospital of Milan identify? Not only the ability to treat the most difficult cases, but also...

One hundred years of history

We revisit the central chapters that have marked the life of Vittore Buzzi Children’s Hospital.

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From the 70s to today, a Foundation open to all

The relationship with the World Health Organization, the key role of volunteering and the birth of the Foundation that allows...
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When a donation can make history

From the postwar period until the end of the sixties, the Children's Hospital experienced a period full of events and...
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A story that starts in Milan’s heart of gold

The Children's Hospital was inaugurated in 1899 in the premises of the Congregation of Charity in Via San Vincenzo. A...