A new pediatric influenza vaccine clinic

In November and December, we operated a clinic in the concourse under the Gerusalemme M5 metro stop. The space, generously offered by the Milan metro, used as an appointment-only location to protect children between the ages of 2 and 6 eligible to receive the new nasal vaccine spray.

With the hospital, but outside the hospital, the Buzzi Foundation collaborated with the local health agency Hospitaller Brothers of Sacco to set up two easily accessible temporary stations where families were able to go safely. With the supervision of dedicated medical personnel and while respecting social distancing guidelines, we were able to vaccine 40 children a day.

“Being able to offer the nasal vaccine spray to this age group”, commented Gianvincenzo Zuc-cotti, Director of the Pediatrics Department at the Children’s Hospital, “is extremely important because these children are afflicted with various viruses, including influenza. The vaccine will result in a decrease in influenza cases, making differential diagnosis with coronavirus less challenging and easing the burden on the regional health system”.

This is a unique partnership, thanks to the alliance between the Buzzi Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Milan metro, with the collaboration of the Milan Transport Agency and the assistance of Brother Hospitallers of Sacco and Hospital V. Buzzi Hospital of Milan.

With the support of Acone Associati, BuildIng, Coo’ee, IGP Decaux, and Printable, we were able to set up a colorful, welcoming clinic, with decorations inspired by the Buzzi Foundation’s #ZeroGravity campaign: children followed a fun and intuitive space-themed corridor to get to the clinic.

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