Kids in crisis

Sometimes an hour equals a life. This can be true for children in critical condition. Time is precious. Specialized skills and equipment are called for, and everything must be child-friendly.

The Buzzi Children’s Hospital, thanks to its national center of excellence Intensive Care Unit, intervenes promptly in emergencies even with the most serious cases. Today, however, beds are running short: we need to expand our capacity to respond to all requests for help, inclu-ding from other hospitals, and care for all children.

We want to double the number of children aided, from 500 to 1,000 each year.

The Intensive Care Unit’s task is to assure immediate, specialized care to children averaging 3 years of age in critical condition.

The child’s hospital environment must include not only intensivists (the unit’s main doctors), but also possible interventions by a wide range of specialists with pediatric skills: neurologists, cardiologists, surgeons, etc.
A bed is far more than a bed – it’s a place for life!

An ICU bed is much more than a bed: it is equipped with a multi-parameter patient monitor, a ventilator, infusion pumps, carts…specialized equipment necessary to constantly monitor the child’s vitals and promptly intervene in case of emergency.

In order to confront pediatric emergencies, the Buzzi Foundation is looking for a partner to manifest an incredible dream: give life to the new Buzzi and equip the Pediatric Emergency Wing with new ICU beds.

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