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Advanced age of a first-time mother. Assisted pregnancies. Obese or overweight patients. The desire to give birth naturally… These are all cases where a children’s hospital needs the best Maternal, Fetal, and Neonatal Medicine to deal with challenges big and small.

Buzzi was the first natural birth teaching hospital in Italy: the first non-invasive births took place in 1972, and for over 20 years, universities, trainers, and researchers have been wor-king together to ensure the well-being of mothers and their children.

Every year, between 3,200 and 3,500 babies are born at Buzzi, only 51% through sponta-neous delivery.

Humanization, research, and technology: the best allies.

Humanization so that privacy in the labor and delivery room is respected, so that the mother can choose the most appropriate way to manage her pain, so that she can move and give birth in the most comfort possible.
Research and technology because fetal monitoring, in utero laser therapy, the study of the maternal heart during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and the newborn’s breathing…must always be at the forefront.
For the child’s life and for the mother’s.

Buzzi is associated with the best European and international clinics.

We have to ensure maximum safety for each of our 3,500 annual births.

Whether for natural or complicated deliveries, safety comes first. Safety means:

  • a medical and neonatal team with expertise in managing complications (a strength of Buzzi!)
  • sophisticated equipment for the best diagnoses and care
  • a 24-hour emergency lab
  • a blood bank with every type available
  • an operating room just a few meters away, always prepared

But also leading technology, made for mom and kid.

Today, we have to update our equipment, to always ensure the best for mothers and children.

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