Become a Partner

Becoming a partner of the Buzzi Foundation offers a unique opportunity to involve your customers and employees in helping Buzzi Hospital provide the best treatment to countless sick children every day.

Embarking on a partnership means working together, choosing to invest in a long-term project that will have a significant impact on the bright new Buzzi. A partnership lasts for at least three years, during which the company pledges to support a Buzzi Foundation project annually.

We are convinced that companies are called to embrace the health of the communities in which they operate, and particularly that of our children, “tomorrow’s astronauts”.

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Involve your employees

Your company can choose to support the Buzzi Foundation by educating and informing your employees, involving them, too, in fundraising.

The 5 per mille

For example, you can share the Buzzi Foundation’s 5 per mille campaign with your em-ployees, customers, and suppliers, inviting them to designate their 5 per mille to the Buzzi Foundation. This choice costs nothing and will be converted into new equipment for the bright new Buzzi Hospital.

Tax code to give your 5 per mille to the Buzzi Children’s Hospital Foundation Onlus.

Give through payroll

You can promote “payroll giving” within your company. Your employees can choose to sup-port the Buzzi Foundation by giving one or more hours of their work with a monthly payroll deduction recognized as a tax-deductible donation.

Cause Related Marketing

Together, we can create a fundraising campaign in your name, tied to promotion and marketing of one of your products or services. This campaign can also be associated with a specific project near to your heart.

We can foster mutual benefit: your customers will be able to discover and support our initiatives simply by buying from your company, while our brand can give new light to your commercial activities and lend them recognition and cachet. The result is a virtuous circle that helps both parties.

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