Our mission

We see a future where children in need of care can find it in a place designed specially for them. A hospital where excellence and patient-centered services are the norm. Environments where young patients can be together with their parents to alleviate the trauma of a hospital stay. A cutting-edge specialized center where the best scientific research, the most advanced technology, and the latest treatments are available to all.

A hospital that acknowledges the needs of its region while remaining open to the world and able to handle even the most serious cases.

A hospital where emergency treatment, diagnosis, and in-patient treatment are incorporated together to rapidly address the most complex conditions.

We’re not merely dreaming. We envision something that seems implausible, but which can become real and believable thanks to the involvement of all: of the philanthropic communities in Milan, throughout Italy, and around the world.

We want to double the number of children aided and treated. Because all children have the right to treatment designed specially for kids.

We see the Buzzi hospital of tomorrow.

Stefano Simontacchi
President Buzzi Foundation


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