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We can give a cutting-edge hospital to all children, one where diagnoses are risk-free and made for kids, but we can only get there with the help of our donors.

Since the Buzzi Hospital Foundation was founded over one hundred years ago, philanthropy has played a fundamental role in making Buzzi a center of excellence. Every day brings new challenges and more children in need of hospital care, and so the support of major donors is more important now than ever.

Major donors are those who choose to play an important role in a project, but first and fore-most they are those who share the values and mission of the Buzzi Foundation.

It is important for us to be able to recognize the generosity of our major donors by naming the spaces they help create (clinics, waiting rooms, operating rooms or entire departments), or by putting their names on the donated equipment.

Our major donors will always hold an important place for us, and their names will be visible on the donor wall located at the entrance of the bright new Buzzi, when the new building is opened.

Thanks to their contributions, we’ll reach Planet Buzzi even sooner, a planet with #ZeroGravity.

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