We collaborate with private, corporate, and banking foundations in Italy and abroad who ha-ve chosen to support the Buzzi Foundation’s projects aimed at integrating medical excellence and technological innovation.

We work by our partners’ sides, keeping them informed on the progress of projects, providing financial and narrative reports, and quantifying the concrete impact of the projects we complete together.

The Amplifon Foundation
he support of the Amplifon Foundation has allowed Buzzi Hospital to take an important step forward in pediatric audiology, helping to create a center of excellence in Milan. A multidisci-plinary working team, composed of doctors from Buzzi Hospital’s Ear, Nose, and Throat De-partment, experts from Amplifon, and from the Amplifon Foundation, worked for a few mon-ths to identify primary needs and acquire the most advanced audiological equipment. This project was realized with donations of the latest, cutting-edge equipment, allowing the dia-gnostic standard to increase to the highest international levels and standards, all within new colorful, engaging clinics that help remind children of games and imagination.

Mediolanum Foundation
In the first days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mediolanum Foundation decided to support Buzzi Hospital’s Intensive Therapy department, and to extend its help to the hospitals in Co-senza, Olbia, and Siena. Using a crowdfunding campaign with support from Banca Mediola-num’s Family Bankers, who began collecting funds from their customers immediately follo-wing lockdown, the foundation was able to donate two respirators, one for Sacco Hospital and the other for Buzzi, a patient monitor and portable ventilator for the hospital in Olbia, a la-ryngoscope for the hospital in Siena, and masks, gowns, and other personal protective equip-ment for health care workers.

SNAM Foundation
The contribution of the SNAM Foundation aims to assist in the post-COVID emergency phase, where healthcare systems will need to handle major reorganization due to the necessity to create different pathways for COVID-positive and COVID-negative patients. Thanks to the SNAM Foundation’s aid, we were able to acquire new equipment for Buzzi Hospital’s Pediatric Gastrointestinal, Ophthalmology and Urological Surgery departments, which will allow the hospital to offer an immediate and timely response to the pandemic while also updating its diagnostic capabilities to the current standards, as envisioned by the bright new Buzzi plan.

The Milan Community Foundation
The hospital comes to your house, all thanks to the support of the Milan Community Founda-tion. An experimental project developed by the Buzzi Foundation aims to ensure that the 50 children living in Milan who were admitted in the last year to Buzzi Hospital’s ICU while suffering from serious chronic illnesses are able to receive free quality care surrounded by family in the comfort of their home. These are children with complex needs in palliative pediatric care who require constant specialized medical assistance as well as periodic check-ins.

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